I’ve been a public speaker for many years, traveling to universities and colleges across the country to talk about race, queerness, feminism, writing and representation, to thousands of people. Giving speeches and talks has been wonderful, but the part of it that I’ve always liked best is what happens after: the one-on-one time with those of you who are crious, open, and interested in these topics.

Coaching is, for me, a chance to connect to you in a more meaningful way, to offer my expertise in hopes that it might help you along on your journey.

Coaching with me is open to anyone–writer and non-writer, Black and non-Black, parent or not, who is sincere in their interest in learning from my experience and expertise as an author, public intellectual and speaker, social justice activist, independent media creator, non-profit founder, queer Black woman, mother, and all of these things. If you think your life and/or work might benefit from some help, guidance and encouragement from me, then coaching is open to you.

Coaching from me is NOT FREE. It is work and I believe strongly in being paid for work. My current rate is $225 per session. I offer a sliding scale for Black women.

For more information on coaching, including cost, please fill out the form below and I’ll be in touch.